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Create your own TD 2 release!

2009-06-03 14:43:27 by funflowstudios

Hey everyone,
We've finally released the sequel to the Create your own TD, this version includes alot of the feedback that was given to the original. Yes it has a search feature...

Create your Own TD 2 is a fun tower defence game creator,
it gives you a chance to create your own TD maps and easily
customise almost everything in your game. Once you have
created a map you can upload to the TD portal where it can get
viewed by other people and maybe win awards like the daily
or weekly first. If it's really good it can even get featured
on the front page of the portal!

Here is the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Enjoy :)



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2009-06-03 17:35:39

Hey you don't know me but I'm a friend of your brother Chris, just to say I play alot of flash games and I really like the take you have on the TD genre. Keep up the good work and all that crap eh.


2010-02-15 19:49:14

Hi this is Gman2 is there any way I can get a new password for my account on create your own td 2


2010-03-31 19:02:57

in your next game make it so we can add more then 5 upgrades into the game and allso let us put as much money as we wont into the upgrades other then that it was the best game i ever palyed